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Friday, April 8, 2022

What Does a Low Key Relationship Mean and How do You Keep a Relationship Low Key?

What Does a Low Key Relationship Mean and How do You Keep a Relationship Low Key?
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Not everyone wants a relationship the whole world is aware of; some want their relationship to be low-key. People have several reasons for wanting a low-key relationship; a celebrity will likely keep this relationship away from the public. 

Some guys want a low-key relationship because of their previous experience, while some just want it because of their nature; they don't like lousy stuff. 

Things get more confusing when you want to tell your pals and those around you about your new relationship. However, your significant other doesn't want that. 

You start to wonder if they are not proud of dating you or because they want a low-key relationship. 

What Does a Low-Key Relationship Mean?

Let's differentiate a private relationship from a public one for better understanding. A public relationship is one in which everyone around knows that you and your partner are dating. 

It means neither party is hiding anything; even strangers can tell that both of you are dating. In a public relationship, pictures of the two of you can be found on your social media accounts; you post them very often. 

You tell anyone who cares to know about your relationship. In a public relationship, a public display of affection is inevitable. You hold hands in public and partake in some "couples goals". 

A private relationship is a relationship that only a few people are aware of. The people in this group are your closest friends and some family members; the relationship is kept away from the knowledge of the public. 

Pictures of your partner cannot be found on any of your social media accounts; if any, the caption doesn't indicate that you are in a relationship or give a reason for people to assume that. 

Public display of affection is not possible in low-key relationships except if you are around close acquaintances and family members. 

Aside from these two, there's also the secret relationship. The meaning could be easily decoded from its name, a secret relationship is one in which no one knows about. 

This includes close friends and even family members. This kind of relationship exists in workplaces, especially places where dating a coworker is not allowed. 

A secret relationship can occur when a party or both parties are married and not to each other. In conclusion, everyone has a personal reason for wanting a low-key relationship. 

How To Keep a Relationship Low Key

It is possible to keep a relationship low-key so that it won't attract the public's attention. However, it would require a great deal of restraint as you would need to refrain from telling people. 

This will be easy for introverts or people who give out only little details about their personal life. Here are some ways to keep a relationship lowkey.

1. Tell Only People Who Need to Know

Tell only people you feel need to know about your relationship. Make sure people on this list are not many; they should include your closest friends, family members, and maybe your mentor. The more the number of people you tell, the lower the chances of keeping a lowkey relationship. 

2. Do Not Let Third Parties Interfere Into Your Relationship

If you want a lowkey relationship, shun third parties in your relationship. Do not give them a reason to interfere in your matter. 

When you have disagreements with your spouse, sit them down and settle it privately. Inviting third parties to help you settle fights won't help the relationship remain lowkey.

3. Keep Your Relationship Away From Social Media

If you want a lowkey relationship, keep the relationship away from social media, especially if you are a public figure or influencer. 

If you are the type who drops romantic comments on their spouse's post, or you post them often, you should stop that. These are ways people get to know about your relationship without asking. 

4. Do Not Ask People About Their Relationship Life

Asking people about their relationship life would make them want to inquire about yours. If you are not ready to reciprocate, do not ask them intimate questions. 

It is as simple as that, don't ask when you are not ready to give. 

5. Do Not Display Affection in Public

It is advised that you don't go in public together with your spouse if you desire a low-key relationship. When people start to see you together in public, they begin to assume many things. 

You should refrain from holding hands, cuddling, and other displays of affection while in public. You are free to do these things when you are in your closet. 

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Is My Partner a Low Key Person? How To Know You Are in a Low Key Relationship

Some people don't know if they are in a low-key relationship or not, this should give you clarity. Some signs hint that your partner is a lowkey person and wants a lowkey relationship with you. 

Below are some of the aforementioned signs:

1. Your partner restricts you from telling people

If your partner restricts you from telling people about the relationship or they don't like it when you tell people that you are in a relationship with them, it is a sign that they want a low-key relationship. 

They don't want people to be aware; they shun you from breaking the news to people because they don't see the need to. Sometimes, they tell you immediately the relationship starts. 

2. They Avoid Going to Public Places With You

A boyfriend or girlfriend who wants a lowkey relationship would do anything to ensure you are not seen together in public. 

They avoid going out with you, even if it's just a grocery store nearby. If you eventually get to force them to go out with you, they pretend as if you are not together. 

This doesn't mean they don't like you; they are not ready for public drama. They take good care of you in private but pretend they don't know you in public. 

3. They Introduce You To Limited People

Although your significant other has many friends, they only introduce you to a few. The few could be close friends they trust. 

Regardless of how hard you disturb them, they won't introduce you to their family members. They will continue to give you an excuse.

4. They Don't Post You on Social Media

You'll notice that they don't like taking pictures with you, even if it's indoors. They are not interested in making couples Tiktok challenges or wearing matching outfits with you. 

Even when they eventually post you once, they make it look casual. 

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5. They Prefer Calls and Texts to Visits

They can chat with you all day, but they have one thing or the other to attend to when it comes to visit. They might come to your neighbourhood to do something and won; 't even branch to your side. 

When you visit them, they won't see you off. These are signs that they want a lowkey relationship with you. 

6. They Send You Gifts Rather Than Go Out With You

They would rather send you gifts than go to a cinema or shopping mall with you. They won't even deliver the gift themselves; they would prefer a delivery man to handle the job. 

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