How To Stay Intimate in a Long-Distance Relationship (10 Ways)

How To Stay Intimate in a Long Distance Relationship
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Good emotional and physical intimacy is no doubt one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship or marriage. Intimacy is built when you spend a long time with your significant other.

This brings the question, How do I get intimate with my partner in a long-distance relationship? Since you don't spend much time with your spouse, you don't get to know much about them and miss out on intriguing things about them. 

Lack of intimacy is no doubt a major challenge long-distance relationships face today, and the distance hinders their intimacy and connection. 

Even couples who see each other from time to time still have intimacy issues; now imagine those in long-distance relationships. 

Staying intimate in a long-distance relationship will require dedication, perseverance, and effective communication. 

Both parties also need to be very open to each other. Do you know you can be intimate with your long-distance relationship partner despite being a thousand miles away? 

The advent of technology has made these possible and easy. However, one major setback is that not everyone is okay with intimacy from afar.

I guess you both don't have a choice; here are some ways to get intimate with your partner in a long-distance relationship: 

1. Share Everything With Them

If you want to stay intimate in a long-distance relationship, share everything with your partner. Do not hide details about how your day went; tell them everything.

Even things you feel are unnecessary, share them with them. The more you share things with them, the deeper the intimacy gets. 

If you face any challenge, talk it out with them. Give the stories about your place of work, your academics, your neighbourhood, etc. 

2. Share Your Secrets With Them

Sharing secrets with your long-distance relationship partner aids intimacy. Do not share yours only; exchange secrets with them. 

This means you keep their secrets, and they do the same. Sharing secrets helps build trust, which helps intimacy. 

Since you have their secrets and they have yours, you start to feel this connection with them. Paraventure things didn't go as planned, cherish the secrets they shared with you and keep them. 

3. Communicate Effectively

The first step to communicating effectively is finding out the perfect time to call or chat with them, especially if the time zones are different. 

Ensure you choose a time that is suitable for long calls. Know your partner's schedule, let them know yours, then work out the best and most suitable time to communicate. 

When you eventually pick a time, talk for as long as term permits you, express yourself, and be free around them. 

Sometimes, you may have to stay up at night just to talk to them; it's one of the sacrifices one makes in long-distance relationships. 

4. Visit Them 

Intimacy without a physical visit is very hard, and this is why you should always visit your partner at any chance you get. 

Even if the visit doesn't last for many days, ensure you spend enough time together. To reduce the stress and cost, you can both decide to meet at the halfway point. 

Physical meetings should be prioritised while building intimacy in long-distance relationships. As much as you try to build intimacy from afar, try physical visits once in a while it matters. 

5. Video Chat Them Often

Regardless of your schedule, find time for a video chat, even if it will be a quick one. Seeing each other daily contributes greatly to the long-distance relationship as it helps develop intimacy. 

Aside from video calls, send them your videos from time to time. It could be a dance video or a video of you singing, or just a video of you doing anything you know how to do best. 

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6. Play Online Games Together

You can download online games for couples and get competitive with each other. Some games allow multi-players regardless of the distance; playing a game like this would make you stay in touch and get a little more connected. 

7. Get Dirty Over The Phone

Having dirty talks with your partner is another great way to build intimacy in a long-distance relationship. 

Talking dirty with your partner can put you in the mood and help you feel as though they were with you. You can talk about your fantasies and styles you would love to try out. 

8. Set Intimacy Goals For Every Visit

Goals are essential in long-distance relationships. The main goal both parties look forward to is getting to live under the same roof, which keeps long-distance relationships going. 

Anytime your partner pays you a visit or you the same, set intimacy goals. These goals will make you look forward to your next meeting. 

When you eventually meet, ensure you achieve those intimacy goals and set new ones. 

9. Send Them Your Recent Pictures

Share your recent pictures with your long-distance relationship partners even if they didn't request them. You should also request theirs from time to time. 

You can send them pictures of how your day went or pictures of an event you attended.

Most people like it when that person they love sends them pictures without asking. These pictures will go a long way in building intimacy in your long-distance relationship.

It also denotes transparency which is needed for the success of a long-distance relationship.

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10. Respect Each Other's Efforts

More effort is required from both parties in making a long-distance relationship work. Respect your partner's efforts to make the long-distance relationship work. 

Both parties involved should appreciate the sacrifices everyone is making to make the relationship successful. 

Like I stated earlier, sometimes,  a party would have to stay awake at night after a very stressful day just to keep up. 

In some cases, much money is spent on travel and making international calls, and these little sacrifices should be appreciated.

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