Why is Kissing Important in a Relationship? Relguide

Why is Kissing Important in a Relationship? Relguide

As odd as it may sound, kissing is important in relationships. According to studies, kissing causes the release of the hormones oxytocin which aids bonding in couples. 

This means couples who kiss often and engage in other forms of physical attraction tend to feel intimate, close, and more secure. 

Kisses are important more than we can think of. A kiss on your partner's forehead before they head out to work would go a long way in making their day productive. 

A good kiss is something couples should always start their days with as it denotes passion, intimacy, love, and desire. 

Kissing means different things to people. It could be an expression of love, a form of greeting, a way of apologising, etc. Kissing is a very good way to connect with your spouse. 

Here comes the question, is kissing important in a relationship? Of course, it is! Here are some reasons why kissing is important in a relationship. 

1. Kissing Reduces Stress

Stress is no doubt detrimental to human health. Kissing has been discovered to reduce stress as it triggers the release of dopamine and oxytocin which are known to not only reduce stress but make people happy too. 

A good way of easing stress is by kissing your spouse, what an easy way!

2. It Builds Intimacy and Bonding

Having a strong connection with your partner would improve your relationship. Kissing makes you have a strong bond with your spouse. 

As earlier stated, kissing promotes the release of the hormone which aids in bonding. If there is a strong bond between you and your partner, you will feel secure. 

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3. It Helps Build Trust in a Relationship

Building trust in a relationship is no doubt a herculean task. However, trust is one of the foundations of a relationship or marriage. 

Kissing your partner reassures them of your love and care. You can build trust in your relationship by kissing your partner. 

4. It is a Good way to Express Love

Kissing is a great way of expressing or professing love to your partner. It is a nice way of telling someone you love them. 

Studies have also proven that a partner's satisfaction is related to some display of physical affection. 

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5. Kissing Keeps Your Relationship Alive

Kissing is one of the things that keeps a relationship alive. A relationship without a kiss is boring and might not even last. 

Sometimes, kissing is the spice your relationship needs. Kissing brings life into your relationship because it makes you feel connected to your partner.

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