10 Important Online Dating Questions To Ask Before You Meet in Person

10 Important Online Dating Questions To Ask Before You Meet in Person
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Before you decide to meet your online boyfriend or girlfriend, there are some dating questions you should ask. 

These questions are important because they tell you more about them. How do you even know if the person is your type or not? 

You need to ask these questions, or you will come back disappointed after seeing them. 

Asking the right set of questions would save you from much disappointment regarding online dating. As you look forward to meeting them in person, you need to know enough about them. 

Sometimes, you need to ask these questions for security reasons. Let's assume you have set a date and location for your first date; how do you plan to go on a date with someone you know so little about? 

Since you met them online, you don't get to know more about them, so asking questions is a good way to fill this gap. 

These questions should be chipped into conversations, so it looks like they are being interrogated. 

Perhaps you just met someone on a dating site, and you don't know what conversation to bring up; here are some questions you can ask:

1. What Past Mistake Would you Want to Correct if Given a Chance?

A question like this would let you know their view about life. Aside from that, they could share intimate things with you about their past. 

This is a good way of knowing their past without having to ask directly. You also get to know if they are the type who is still stuck in the past or the type that has accepted their mistakes and has moved on.

This tells you more about how they think and how they see life. 

2. What Kind of Books Do You Read?

If you really mean business ( want a serious relationship that could lead to marriage), this is a question you shouldn't hesitate to ask. 

Books play an important role in the way we think. The type of books they read would hint at the type of person they are. 

Ask who their favourite author is and why. It gets more interesting if they read the same genre of book you read.

However, it is not a must they do; the chances of this happening are low. This would let you know how sound they are intellectual. 

If it doesn't match yours or doesn't even stand a chance, the ball is in your court.

3. How Would You Spend a Million Dollars?

This question would give you an idea of his thoughts when it comes to finances. You get to know their view about money. 

This question is a good way to peep into his financial goal without asking directly. You get to know if they can handle money well or not. A business-oriented one would talk about investing in crypto etc. 

A materialistic one would talk about buying exotic cars, houses, etc., while a generous one would talk about donating them to orphans. 

This little question has given you an insight into how they think money-wise. 

4. How Do You Think Your Old Age Would Be?

This question would give you an idea of how they see the future. If they are optimistic about the future or believe the future has no good things in store for them. 

Will they be the type who would retire to complain about the economy or the type that will vacation on a private island with a beach? This question would reveal to you where they see their life going. 

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5. Where Did You Grow up?

This question would make your online partner tell you more about their childhood days and the type of family they grew up in. 

They can even reveal some intriguing things about their childhood days. You also get to know the type of relationship they have with their families if it's a sour one or a great one!

6. What Are Your Hobbies?

A great one to know their likes and dislikes. You get to know things they love doing and how they spend their leisure time. 

It would be great if you both have similar hobbies. Having similar questions could spark some new questions and make you get connected quicker. 

7. Describe Your Ideal Family Type

This question would let you know the type of family they want to have. Some are okay with a few children, while some want many children. 

You can also ask about their views on adoption. If you are looking for a partner you plan to spend the rest of your life with, do not hesitate to ask this question at the early stage. 

You can also chip in gender roles and their views about it. You get to know if they are okay with giving birth to any gender or if they have a certain gender they want their children to be. 

Their replies to this question would let you decide if you can deal or not. 

8. Are You Proud of Yourself?

This question will let you know how they think of themselves. Many people belittle themselves; this question would boost your online partner's confidence as they take pride in themselves.

You get to know about their past achievements and feats they have pulled.

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9. Who is Your Role Model?

Everyone undoubtedly has someone they model after, someone they adore and emulate. This is a great question to ask on dating apps because one's role model tells you about the type of person one is. 

Ensure they give you the name of a public figure they emulate, then imagine yourself in a relationship with the figure. 

If the role model has a good personality, chances are high that your online partner has the same. 

10. Are You The Religious Type?

Some believe this topic is a bit sensitive, while some are very glad to talk about it. You get to know if your values are similar or not and if you can adjust. 

These are little things that should be discussed before going into a relationship. 

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