5 Clear Signs That a Coworker Likes You

Signs That a Coworker Likes You

How do you know when a coworker likes you? There are some certain signs a coworker will show if they like you. 

It is natural for a coworker to crush on you since you spend many hours together, there is this bond you feel when you stay with people for long. 

Sometimes, you think a coworker is crushing on you but they aren’t, they are just being nice. Statistics have revealed that 22% of married couples first met at their place of work. 

It is usually difficult to know if a coworker likes you except if you have a degree in psychology or had a similar experience. 

I will reveal to you clear signs that a coworker likes you. Workplace flings are very common, they are everywhere. 

When they start to show these signs, you don’t know if they are just trying to be friendly or if they want a relationship with you. Below are some signs that a coworker likes you:

1. They Smile at You And Avoid Eye Contact

Anytime you look at them, they smile and avoid eye contact. Sometimes, you catch them staring at you. 

When your eyes meet, they quickly take off their eyes and focus on other things. This means the coworker likes you and can’t help it. 

Anytime they stare at you, they feel happy. Your sight brings a smile to their face. Aside from that, if they still show these signs in the presence of other coworkers or during important meetings, it means they love you very much.

2. They Sit Next to You at Every Chance They Get

If a coworker likes you, they will sit next to or close to you during meetings or anything that brings you together. At first, you think it is no big deal until it becomes a norm.

They do this because they want to get more intimate with you. 

After such a meeting, they indulge you in conversation and accidentally touch you. They can also seize this opportunity to flirt with you. 

They also touch you accidentally though it was planned. When complimenting your outfit or necklace, they seize that period to touch you. 

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3. They Help You Out At Work

If a coworker likes you, they check up on you while working and ask how you are doing. Even if they are busy, they find time to visit you. 

If you are overwhelmed with work, they offer to help out. Sometimes, they ignore their work but help you with yours. 

If the person is a boss, they might reduce your workload and relieve you of stress by not giving you much to do. Even when you tell them you are fine, they insist and help you carry out tasks. 

4. They Take Your Side At Work

This has been said by many dating experts to be a sign that a coworker likes you. They take your side at work and even cover up for you. 

If you make a mistake, they take it upon themselves to defend you. They go out of their way when you are in trouble at work, especially if the person crushing on you is a superior figure at the workplace. 

They stand up for you in meetings when you are being accused or faulted. They shield you every time from other coworkers. Sometimes, they take the blame for your actions. 

They praise you in the presence of other coworkers. You’ll start to observe that you are being treated differently. 

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5. They are Curious About Your Relationship Status

A coworker can be curious about your relationship status without having ulterior motives. However, the chances of this are low. They want to know if the space is vacant. 

A coworker who is interested in your personal life no doubt wants a relationship with you. 

If he is not interested in you, why does a coworker want to know about your relationship status? Sometimes, they won’t ask you this question directly, they spy on your social media handles to know if you are taken or not. If they dig up nothing, they eventually walk up to you and ask.

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