How To Tell If a Shy Guy Likes You- (5 Ways)

How To Tell If a Shy Guy Likes You
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Not every guy has the courage to tell you that he likes you. Shy guys are not playing games with you, they just don’t have the confidence. Sometimes, he is just scared to approach you. It is not that you are scary to be approached, he isn’t just sure of what your reply would be. 

Most shy guys are usually introverts, he might not be a popular someone or someone who connects with people. If he is dying to reach you, it means his intentions are true.

Even Though he doesn’t associate himself with people, he will be willing to take that risk because of you. If you notice he likes you and you are interested in him, relieve him of the stress by approaching him. You don't need to ask him out, let him know you can be friends. 

If you can take the first step, he will take it up from there. Many people think it is caused by an inferiority complex, it is just his nature. 

When you become close to him, you will learn that he is lively and not boring as you predicted. Here are some signs that a shy guy likes you:

1. He Steal Glances at You

Don’t expect a shy guy to walk up to you and tell you he likes you. He would have spent months thinking about how to go about it. 

Anytime you come around, he steals glances at you. He won’t be able to look you straight in the eye. 

You start to wonder, ‘Why can’t he walk up to me and ask if we can be friends?’. Shy guys keep waiting because they are unsure of the response they will receive from you. 

In his mind, he’s wondering if you would gladly accept him or embarrass him in public. 

If you catch him staring at you almost every time, when your eyes meet, he quickly looks away. He certainly likes you but feels shy to approach you.

2. You Sense He’s Interested But Making No Move

Since ladies are always asked out every time, they know when a guy likes them. They are experienced enough to know how men sound, look, behave when they want a relationship. Ladies can predict a guy’s next move if he wants a relationship or doesn’t. 

You sense he’s interested in you but he is making no move to win your heart. Both of you feel this connection but none is ready to take the first move. 

Sometimes, he wants you to ask him out. Not necessarily to ask him out but to take the first move. 

If you can give him the green light, he would have the luxury of expressing his mind. Always keep in mind that this isn’t intentional it’s just his nature. Make advances toward him, he will get the message and use it wisely. 

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3. His Friends Might Hint You

Shy guys find it hard to profess their love to a guy but find it easy to tell their peers. Some may even send their peer to carry out the job. 

His peers are aware that he likes you. They might give away this secret to you. 

When you come around them, There's this weird way they would behave. You will also observe that he becomes gentle. His friends might decide to hint that he loves you, do not doubt them. 

His friends know him better than you do. If you want to be sure a guy likes you, ask his friends. This might sound archaic but it works perfectly. 

4. He's always Wanting To Help You

If a guy likes you but is shy to tell you, he will try his best to be close to you/. Anytime you need help or a volunteer, he’ll be the first person to come to your aid or avail himself. 

Even if he has important things on his desk, he will attend to your needs first. He will go out of the way just to satisfy you. He might be blunt about his love for you, but he shows more than enough signs for you to notice. 

Even if you don’t give the green light, he won’t judge you for not. He likes you but is shy to tell you because he is scared of rejection. Rejection is the greatest fear of some guys. 

He wonders if he would be able to look you in the face if you reject his proposal. 

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5. He Finally Opens Up to You

Even Though it might take time, a shy guy will eventually open up to you. Don’t expect him to tell you straight in the face, he would devise other methods like sending a text message, writing a letter etc. Only a few can tell it to your face. 

When a shy guy opens up to you, respect him and take good care of him, it took him a lot to achieve that./ Ensure he doesn’t regret opening up to you about how he feels.


Even if you are not interested and would be rejecting his proposal, let him feel loved. 

Do not say harsh things. Show him, love, while rejecting him. If you date a shy guy, I bet you would enjoy it. 

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