5 Signs That He Wants to marry You

Signs That He Wants to marry You
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Every lady dreams of falling in love with a man who wants to marry them. When we stay in a relationship for long, we feel the need to take it further. 

This doesn’t go well sometimes as some guys are not interested in getting married or marrying you. There are some specific signs a man will show if he wants to marry you.

You can have a marriage talk with him but do not force it. Like they say “ you can force a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink water’. 

You can get him to marry you but can’t force him to treat you right. 

Here are some signs that he wants to marry you, keep them in mind. This will help you differentiate between those who want to waste your time and those that meant business.

1. He Introduces You To Important People in His Life

Although things are changing fast these days, a man who has introduced you to his family could end up not marrying you. 

However, for a man to introduce you, it means you are invaluable to him. In most cases, showing you to his people is a sign that he means business. 

If your man hides you from his family, colleagues, friends etc chances are high that he doesn’t want to marry you. 

Aside from his parents, he should introduce you to his boss, mentor, spiritual father/mother. If he only introduces you to his friend, it’s not a big deal. 

His friends may be aware that you are the side lady. However, if a man introduces you to his mentor, boss, it means you are very important.

2. He Sees You in His Future

If a man talks about the future and uses “we” instead of “I”, this means he sees you both in the present and pictures you in his future. 

He tables discussions about the future before you, he seeks your opinion regarding them. He also cherishes these views of yours and considers them.

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3. He's Eager To Share a Roof With You 

A man who often mentions in his chat how nice it would be to wake up under the same roof with you wants more than a relationship with you, he wants to marry you! 

He would bring up discussions about the place to settle down, the type of house to buy and live in etc and work towards achieving that. He would begin to save money so he can reach his goal. 

A man showing these signs obviously wants marriage. It is evident that he wants to marry you.

4. He Stays During Hard Times

There is usually this challenging period in every relationship. During this period in question, the future of the relationship looks very bleak. 

Things become tough and toucher with time. If he stays firmly by your side during this period, it is a good sign that he wants to be by your side forever. 

A man who didn’t leave during a tough time obviously wants to marry you.

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5. He Makes Sacrifices For You

Does he put you first often? Does he do things that are a detriment to him just to please you? He sets aside important things and places you first. 

He takes both big and small risks to make you happy. These show to what extent you matter to him. 

A man who makes sacrifices for someone he loves will be a good father. 

He will sacrifice other big things to see you and your children happy.  

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