How To Win A Woman's Heart Online.


Win a Woman's Heart Online
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As odd as it sounds, you can win a woman's heart online either on Facebook, Instagram, or dating apps. You can easily win a woman's heart with words. 

However, you need to say the right words to win a woman's heart. There are several couples out there who met online, dated, and are in happy marriages.

You might have tried wooing a girl online, but it didn't go quite well; it's because you don't know how to win a woman's heart online. 

Probably all you do is react to her posts, drop comments, then enter her 'DM'. But it doesn't work that way! So, I have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to win a woman's heart Online.

1. You Need To Know How To Start a Conversation

The moment you enter a lady's DM, she knows whether you are qualified to win her heart or not just by checking your profile. 

Taking the first giant step is usually a bit hard and challenging. First, you need to know how to start a conversation. If you start the conversation on the wrong note, it will jeopardize your chances. 

Don't enter her DM to give her your best pick-up lines. Remember that her first impression of you matters a lot. Start the conversation on a cool note. The mistake most guys make is trying to impress her with some lines. 

2. Do Not Go Straight to Your Points

Build friendship first before letting your interest be known to her. Let her see you as a friend, have frequent conversations with her, let her feel your vibes. 

Of course, if you go straight to the point, she will likely hit you with a "no" even if she loves you; no lady wants to look cheap.

But, on the other hand, if you notice that she's hostile and doesn't want friendship, don't force it. 

3. Don't Be Too Available

Even though ladies love to be given attention, they sometimes like being ignored. If you are too available, it will jeopardize your chances. 

She sends you a message, and you reply immediately; it's a sign that you don't have things to do. With time, she will start to feel you don't have work. 

Change the narrative; let her seek your attention a little bit. Even though you want to win her heart, you still need to be in control. 

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4. Choose Your Words Wisely

Bad grammar is no doubt a turn-off for most ladies. No lady wants a man who can hardly construct a correct sentence without grammatical errors. 

When conversing with her, ensure your sentences are grammatically correct. Don't use big grammar to show how sound you are; ladies don't like to show off. 

If you happen to have a phone call with her, speak eloquently and with Courage. Every lady wants a bold man!

5. Let Her Know You Are Interested in Her

Like I said up there, do not let her suspect that you have some other motives. After you have built the friendship and trust, let your intents be known to her. 

Make it look genuine; make her understand why you are her best bet. The mistake some guys make is not letting their intent known on time. While you are busy nurturing her, another guy has already asked her out. 

Shoot your shot wisely. Tell her you respect her decision, give her time to think about it. However, don't let her waste your time in the name of thinking about it. Give her a couple of days to think about it.

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Take note of these things

  • Don't look desperate for a relationship with her
  • If she says no, don't argue with her
  • Be a guy who makes her laugh
  • Let her trust you with some of her secrets
  • Don't pretend to be who you are not
  • Your profile must speak well of you.

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