Why Are Long Distance Relationships Hard?-Relguide (4 Reasons)


Why Are Long Distance Relationships Hard?
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Most couples are afraid of long-distance relationships since it is believed to be hard, and you can't avoid pain if you are in one. However, how true is this? 

Are long-distance relationships hard, or is it a stereotype? I will say it depends on you and your partner. While interviewing some Long Distance Relationship couples, some said they find it easy while the rest asserted that Long Distance Relationships are hard. 

They all agreed that it's hard, but one can have a successful long-distance relationship. If it is your first time in a long-distance relationship, there are higher chances that you will find it hard. A long-distance relationship will only work if both parties are ready to make it work.

Long Distance Relationships are hard because only one party is usually keen on making the relationship work; the other party might be lagging. 

Both parties need to see the bigger picture if they truly want the long-distance relationship to work. 

Long Distance Relationships might be hard; this doesn't mean they don't work. The advent of technology is a plus for Long Distance Relationship Couples.

If you are ready to put in the work, your long-distance relationship will work. Below are some other reasons long-distance relationships are hard:

1. You feel lonely despite having a partner:

It's saddening when you go home after a long day with no one to hug, nor is there any special person to cuddle during those cold nights. 

You miss that special person badly, but there is nothing you can do about it. These alone are enough to make a long-distance relationship hard. 

It gets harder when you see couples around wishing it was you and your partner. Some are unlucky as the time zone doesn't help out; it further complicates the issue. 

You need to be strong both mentally and emotionally to survive a long-distance relationship. 

2. You are Open to Temptations

Another reason people consider long-distance relationships to be hard is that there is too much temptation. 

You are likely tempted to cheat on your partner, especially if you have trust issues with your partner.

You start to meet new people, make new friends, and some begin to ask you out. You might even begin to crush on someone you just met.

It takes a lot of commitment to overcome such temptation. It gets more difficult when your mind is not at rest because you doubt your partner's loyalty. 

You feel your partner might be cheating while you are there rejecting possible suitors to make the long-distance relationship work. 

For this reason, it is advised you build trust before entering a long-distance relationship.

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3. Absence of Intimacy

Long-distance relationships are hard because there is no intimacy between you and your partner. After a while, the human body would request these needs be met. 

You can't go out for pleasure; it's considered cheating. During times like this, long-distance relationships become challenging.

You can spice up intimacy in your Long Distance Relationship by having frequent dirty talks. You can also search online for other ways you can spice intimacy in your long-distance relationship.

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4. Trust Issues

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you don't have trust issues with your partner, you are lucky. 

Even those in short-distance relationships have trust issues; imagine those in a long-distance relationship. 

Since both of you are thousands of miles away from each other, trust issue is usually inevitable. However, couples who built trust before embarking on a long-distance relationship won't experience this.

Long Distance Relationships become harder when you don't trust your partner. Fear is usually a major cause of trust issues. 

You are scared that your partner might be cheating. In the real sense, the Reverse is the case. Fear of being jilted is making you not trust your partner.

5. You miss them badly, but there's nothing you can do

It hurts when we miss that special person, and there's nothing we can do. We miss their touch, their smile and the memories shared. 

During days like this, we regret being in a long-distance relationship. The best we can do is stare at their pictures, then give them a video call. 

However, a video call wouldn't satisfy us; we crave their touch. During days like this, long-distance relationships are hard, but they are worth it.

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Conclusion: A long-distance relationship is worth it provided that you are ready to give it all it takes. If you look at the bigger picture, you will realise that the pains and loneliness inflicted by long-distance relationships are truly worth it. 

Sometimes, distance makes us know people's worth. Don't be deceived; it's possible to have a successful long-distance relationship.

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