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Saturday, October 9, 2021

How To Make a Woman Happy Without Money

How To Make a Woman Happy Without Money
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Men often ask about how to make a woman happy in a relationship. Some believe you can not make a woman happy regardless of how hard you try especially if you don't have money. 

I won't dispute the fact that money makes women happy, however, there are other ways to make a lady happy without money. There are several men who spend enough money on their women, yet, these women cheat.

Many ladies are married to billionaires and they are not happy. Money can buy temporary happiness, there are some kind gestures of love that ladies want. There are several ways to make a woman happy without money. 

Let's clear off the thinking that you can't make a woman happy without money. Below are some ways you can make your woman happy without having to break the bank:

1. Remember to Give Compliments

Giving compliments is one of the ways you can make your woman happy without money. Most ladies love it when guys pass good comments about their look, dress, hairstyles, etc. If your lady just got a new dress, she expects you to pass a comment regarding her new dress.

If you don't, she might feel bad that you didn't notice her. Women love to be noticed anywhere they are. "I love your new dress", "you look gorgeous today", "this necklace looks good on you" or "that was a great breakfast"; these little words go a long way in making a woman happy. 

2. Always Listen Attentively to her

When ladies reach out to you for advice, they only want someone who will listen. They already have in mind what to do and how to do it. 

If you want her to be happy, listen attentively to all her stories, gists, etc. Knowing that someone is listening makes ladies happy. 

This is why they are always angry when your attention is somewhere else while they are talking to you. Many people think listening is not that important, little did they know that it goes a long way in making a woman happy. 

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3. Be Honest with her

Ladies love it when their partner is honest with them. Ladies observe a lot, they are quick to notice when the compliment is fake. 

Let her know the way things are, don't pretend to be who you are not. Continue being sincere to her, one day, it will eventually pay off. Honesty will make her trust you and the fact that you are sincere makes her happy.

4. Be There for her During her Tough Times

Ladies find it hard to forget someone who was there during their tough times. You standing by her side during those had days would make her happy and be indebted to you. 

We think everything is all about money, some kind gestures weigh more than gold. Knowing that someone out there has got her back is enough to keep her happy.

5. Send her love Messages Regularly

Sending your spouse love messages regularly won't cost you a dime and it's an effective way to make her happy. 

You only need to go online and search for the most suitable love quotes that would make her happy. 

Even if you both slept on the same bed overnight, it doesn't stop you from sending her some good morning romantic messages. If you do this, she is going to start her day with a smile.

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6. Always Hype her in the Presence of others

Never let your partner's weakness be known to the public. Learn to hype her in the presence of others; this will make her feel good. 

When you are in a gathering, seize the opportunity to tell people how wonderful she has been and how glad you are to have her. 

Say this in the presence of others so she will blush. This will cost you no money and she will never forget how happy you made her feel.

To round this off, you make women happy by doing little things, like, opening the car door for her, surprising her with breakfast in bed, etc. 

These little gestures of love are seen as a big feat by ladies and are usually appreciated, it makes them happy!

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