5 Reasons Most Long Distance Relationships Don't Work

Reasons Most Long Distance Relationships Don't Work
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Why are long-distance relationships failing?: Long-distance relationships don't work out sometimes because we are not ready to give it what it takes. 

According to long-distance relationship statistics, 40% of long-distance relationships don't work out. Today, we shall be taking a look at why long-distance relationships don't work. 

Major reasons for this are cheating, trust issues, poor communication, and a host of other reasons.

1. Lack of Trust

It is advised that you don't go into a long-distance relationship if you don't trust your partner. 

The absence of trust has ended several long-distance relationships. In fact, the foundation of long-distance relationships is trust.

 If this is absent, a long-distance relationship cannot be built.

2. Cheating and Infidelity

According to statistics, 24% of long-distance relationships don't work due to cheating. The distance barrier makes it easier for couples to cheat. 

This is why I mentioned earlier that trust is very important in making a long-distance relationship work. 

People cheat for different reasons though nothing justifies cheating. However, if you are absent from your partner for too long, the temptation might set in. 

Cheating is usually caused by a lack of intimacy; you can use frequent dirty talks to spice up your long-distance relationship. 

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3. Lack of effective communication

Like they say, "out of sight is out of mind". If there is a glitch in the communication between you and your partner, it could end the long-distance relationship. 

Lack of effective communication is one of the primary reasons long-distance relationships don't work. 

Since both of you are far away from each other, the only thing bringing you closer is the effective communication between you.

If this (effective communication) leaves the picture, then nothing draws you together. 

Let's take, for example, a situation where a party loses his phone and is unable to communicate with the other party for some weeks. 

We can all agree that such a long-distance relationship will end soon. Communication is very vital to long-distance relationships.

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4. Insecurity

Insecurity is another reason many long-distance relationships don't last. Your partner keeps tabs on you every time; this is usually caused by unhealthy jealousy. 

How will you feel if your partner tells you she's at dinner with a male colleague? With time, you start to think your partner is cheating. Overcoming this phase is very difficult. 

Some long-distance relationships are lucky to scale through this stage, while most long-distance relationships fail to cross this bridge. 

5. Influence of people around you

In making a long-distance relationship work, the people around you matter. If people around you discourage you that nothing good will come out of the relationship, it might affect you. 

They sell to you the idea that your partner is not loyal due to the distance. With time, you start to consider their talks. 

Subconsciously, the way you treat your long-distance relationship changes. 

You become unavailable to your partner, ignore their chats, and fake being busy. If care is not taken, the long-distance relationship will end.

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