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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

10 Simple Ways To Win a Lady's Heart- Relguide

How to Win a Lady's Heart

Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels

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There are no doubt several ways to win a lady's heart. Have you ever asked yourself questions like how can I win a woman's heart? Some even ask, how can I win a lady's heart online? 

I Will be giving answers to these questions in this article. Before I delve into detail, let me give you this tip, you win a lady's heart by doing little things. Below are ways to win a woman's heart:

1. Start with friendship

If you want to win the heart of your dream girl, you need to start with friendship. 

The reason you are getting rejected is that you didn't exercise patience. You met her and went straight to the point. It doesn't work like that. 

You can't expect her to say yes to someone she just met or someone she barely knows. You start by being friends with her. During this period, do not show any sign that you are interested in her. 

Develop the friendship to a greater height. Begin to have late-night discussions with her, know her likes and dislikes. 

With time, she would start to tell you deep secrets and share her burdens with you. When she starts to do this, it means you have earned her trust. 

Be a shoulder she can always lean on, give her advice, and share pains with her. If you ask her out after these, her reply is going to be positive. 

This is because she would feel indebted to you and might even have fallen in love with you.

2. Compliment her

One thing most men don't know about women is that little things make them happy. 

We tend to ignore these little things, but they are essential in a woman's world. 

Passing a compliment like "this dress looks great on you" is enough to make her heart flutter. 

However, do not pass a compliment if you don't mean it. Be genuine about any compliment you give about her. 

If you pass a fake compliment to make her blush, she would know, and that will make her bad. 

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3. Show her you are different from others

Many ladies hold the belief that "all men are the same". Make her understand that you are different. 

Some ladies are not interested in being in a relationship because they don't want to be loved; they still haven't gotten over how their ex treated them.

How can you prove to her that you are different? She will know by your actions. 

Note that words aren't enough to prove this point. Your actions speak louder than your words. However, this doesn't mean you can't Win a Lady's heart with words.

4. Surprise Her with a Gift

It is not mandatory you get her a very expensive gift. Look for what she fantasizes about or anything she's been dying to get. 

Watch out for fancy things that are rare. You can surprise her with flowers, a teddy bear or even a love letter. 

You should present the gift to her in a romantic manner. Don't let her suspect that you got her something; hide it somewhere you know she will see it. These little gestures of love mean a lot in a woman's world.

5. Treat her with respect

If you want to win a lady's heart, you've got to respect her. Loving her isn't enough; respecting her will make her return the favour. 

So treat her with respect; let her feel important when she's around you. Let her views be heard, and respect her decisions.

6. Be Yourself

If you want to win a lady's heart, pretending to be who you are not might ruin your chances. 

Almost every lady likes originality; she is ready to accept you the way you are. So don't pretend to be a calm, gentle and perfect guy. 

Let her see your other side and, most especially, your imperfections. You can't win a lady's heart with deceit. 

Ladies would be the first to figure out if you are pretending. Your sincerity is enough to win you her heart.

7. Listen to her

You have a high chance of winning a lady's heart if you are a good listener. Ladies love it when someone listens to their talks, stories, and "gists". 

When a lady approaches you to give her advice on something, what already has in mind what to do and how to handle the situation, she only needs someone to hear her out. 

So be that person who listens to her without complaining. Listening is very important in winning a lady's heart. You become special to her because you are one of the few people who listen to her.

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8. Give her your attention

You need to give her your attention if you truly want to win her heart. Being busy doesn't mean you can't give a lady the attention that she needs. 

When you are less busy or on break, send her a text message or give her a call.

She will appreciate the fact that you gave her your time despite having a busy schedule. It would be best if you gave her more attention than you give other girls, this will make her feel special. 

9. Dress Well

When you ask a lady out, she looks at your appearance and, most importantly, your outfit. 

You need to dress like you meant business. This doesn't mean you should wear designer clothes and flashy things; this does not move many ladies.

They only want you to look good and have the proper Fashion sense. Your colour combination should not be quarreling with each other. Your clothes should look clean and neatly ironed. Ladies love hygienic guys.

10. Smell Nice, Then Approach Her With Courage

A scared man usually turns ladies off. If you want to ask her out, approach her with courage and speak without fear written over your face. 

Sometimes, she might choose you because of the courage you emulated. Ladies love courageous guys because it makes them feel secure. 

As odd as this sounds, your nice smell can win you a lady. If you are close with ladies, they would confess how a guy's smell made them fall for him. 

If you smell nice, she will likely give you an audience and hear you out.

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