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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Questions To Ask on a First Date

Questions To Ask on a First Date
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Many shy away from asking questions, especially when on a date. They probably thought the questions might end the friendship, and they were afraid to lose it. But on the contrary, it strengthens the relationship and creates a better understanding of each other.

First dates can be totally awkward but Sometimes they can be surprisingly smooth and refreshing. So what then do you talk about if you don't engage in questions?

Why on earth will you take out of your busy schedules, make out time, throw on your charming outfit and a befitting make-up just to be silent?

So, what are the best questions to ask beyond covering the basics about your jobs and hobbies?

Try the following questions and imagine how beautiful your date would go.

1. Is there more to this?

This sounds scary, but it's an entirely fair question. Most ladies avoid asking their date if they're looking for something serious. 

But this question is understandable! Learning about the other person's view for the meeting is an easy way to get to know each other. 

Your perspective of coming together might be different. The other person's intention might be a business or partnership.

This prevents you from unnecessary assumptions and conclusions about something that isn't it. It's better to get on the same page sooner rather than later to avoid regrets. 

This question is essential if you are going into a relationship because you want to walk down the aisle with him. 

2. How close are you to your siblings?

Get to know how your date feels about their family. Your relationship with your siblings will determine how important this question is to you; a person's relationship and loved ones reveal a lot about them and how they will eventually treat others, especially you. 

You also get to know their culture and traditions. If it's a culture you can quickly learn and imbibe, then you can think of a long-lasting relationship with such.

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3. What Transpired in your last relationship?

The answer to this question will give you clues about how committed they can be to relationships. You also find out why their last relationship didn't work and how ready they are for a new relationship. You also get to figure out how much they loved their ex. 

If your date doesn't offer this information to you, you won't know unless you ask. But don't be too quick to pass judgment because a person's relationship history does not determine their future relationships.


  •  Your body language tells a lot about you.
  • And never pretend to be what you're not.

4. Are you fond of spiritual things?

Your faith is personal, so asking this question depends on your take on it.

You might be someone who is a church addict or a prayer addict.

And of course, you wouldn't want to have a mate who doesn't have the same mind as yours. But you've got to ask your date about their beliefs, practices, and involvement with religion. Learning about your date's faith and indifference to religion is an indicator of your compatibility.

Asking this question is just about getting to know your date and gaining more insight into the important (or none important) things in their life.

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5. What are your recent dating experiences?

Do you think it's a little forward? 

Go ahead and ask them, but be willing to share your experiences, too, if there are any. It might turn out to be something that stirs up laughter in you both. You might also learn how active their dating life is.

You can exchange horror stories from your experience and make the best impression of it. This shows your sense of humour and how accommodating you can be.

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